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Information from individual FDA Advisory Committee meetings is posted sporadically on the FDA web site. People unfamiliar with the postings of the FDA Advisory Committee meetings may not realize that information from a given meeting may be missing or not yet posted as there is currently no notice on the web site to alert users of pending or missing postings. It is often several months between the time the Meeting Notice and Briefing Information are posted and the meeting Transcript, Slides and Summary Minutes are posted. Errata to Briefing Information and the Transcript also occasionally appear.

We continually monitor 17 FDA Advisory Committees updating the IDIS database with the information from these meetings as it becomes available. We occasionally contact the FDA officers in charge of the various meetings when meeting postings are missing or slow in appearing.

Information from FDA Advisory Committee meetings is easily found in the IDIS database with descriptor "FDA ADVISORY COMMMITTEE 164." The FDA Advisory Committee name and date of meeting are included in the Title of each item from a meeting, e.g. "SUMMARY MINUTES. ONCOLOGIC DRUGS ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING, OCTOBER 5, 2009." In IDIS, FDA Advisory Committee meeting items typically include: Notice of Meeting, Waivers of Conflict(s) of Interest, Briefing Information from Drug Sponsor, Briefing Information from FDA, Questions to the Committee, Transcript and Slides, and Summary Minutes.
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